For many of us the fight against excess pounds may turn out to be very difficult in implementation. The basis in this case is a properly selected diet (supported by a strong will) and regular physical activity. However, the truth is that even this combination does not always guarantee that we will achieve the desired results.
It is in this situation that it is worthwhile to use treatments from the borderline of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery to give the body a dream look. Nowadays, thanks to modern ultrasound liposuction technology, this procedure does not have to involve a very long period of convalescence.
Liposuction – fat extraction is not a slimming method
Before we decide on liposuction, we must first of all be aware of the fact that fat extraction is not an alternative method of weight loss. So if it seems to us that the best solution for overweight or obesity is just liposuction, we are in a big mistake. The fat extraction technique is best suited for people who have to deal with excess body fat, e.g. on their abdomen, thighs or shoulders, which is difficult to burn using traditional methods – diet and exercise. If we do not change our eating habits and lifestyle, the extra pounds will come back sooner or later. Before the treatment, it is also worth to consider whether the diet and the set of exercises we use are certainly appropriate to the needs of our body. It is best to consult with specialists in various fields.
What is modern ultrasound liposuction about?
Ultrasonic liposuction is a procedure that uses a beam of ultrasonic energy, which is introduced through a thin cannula under the skin of the patient, where it has a gentle and precise effect directly on the fat cells. Ultrasound allows for the separation of fat deposits from the surrounding cells without disturbing blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue. Aesthetic medicine specialists use the modern Vaser Lipo for ultrasound liposuction, which does not cause patients painful problems, and is not associated with a long and cumbersome period of convalescence. The return to the mould takes place a few weeks after the treatment and its main side effect are slight swellings, which quickly disappear due to the delicate and precise nature of liposuction. Specialists from Miracki Clinic in the city, who perform ultrasonic liposuction with the help of Vaser Lipo, admit that it is one of the safer and more effective devices allowing to get rid of excess fat and model the figure.
Abdominal, arm, thigh hyposuction – effects and postoperative recommendation
The effects of liposuction appear gradually within a few weeks from the end of the treatment. During this time, the skin is rebuilt and returns to optimal condition. After the treatment, however, it is necessary to wear a special compression lingerie. Extraction of fat from the thighs, arms or abdomen, if you are struggling with a lot of overweight, can leave excess skin. However, specialists from the Miracle Clinic are able to offer us a range of different treatments that will solve this problem. Ultrasonic liposuction brings long-lasting effects of the modeled silhouette, however, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain the results. A big advantage of the procedure performed with the Vaser Lipo device is also that 90% of the extracted fat can be used for implantation in other parts of the body, such as the buttocks or breasts.
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