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Life on credit What brings with it such a lifestyle of disadvantages and advantages

Certainly each of you knows someone who regularly lends money. It does not matter whether they are bank loans or from family and friends. It is about certain trends and getting used to the fact that living on credit is now a normal phenomenon. It is difficult to say where this lifestyle comes from. It is not clear whether this is due to a lack of knowledge, a lack of predictability of consequences, or simply to human recklessness. Now let’s think together… Is every credit bad? Of course, not every loan is bad. The phrase ‘living on credit’ is,...

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Why bet on the box diet

Anyone who has ever been on a diet knows perfectly well what problems and challenges I am facing. Eating only selected things at certain times is no longer straightforward. For this you should remember about the right times of eating, but the biggest problem is probably preparing the right meals for your diet. This is a great challenge, especially for those who work in offices. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to all these problems – a box diet. Diet straight to your home or office If you choose a box diet, the packages arrive daily at the indicated...

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5 healthy replacements for sugar ie what to replace with sugar

Sugar and health, or why is it called White Death? The advantages of consuming sugar (even in the form of sweets) are small, and those could be mentioned by each of us. Let us therefore move on to the justification that sugar should be avoided and replaced by healthy alternatives. Find out why a lot of sugar is bad for your health. There is a disturbance in the normal functioning of the hormonal economy. The presence of sugar in the body induces the pancreas to produce insulin, which needs a little time to decompose. Its circulation in the bloodstream...

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A haunted house on hillside

Mysterious houses, blood-curdling stories that have forever marked abandoned buildings – perhaps in every city, there is a place that is considered haunted. It is it, with its mysticism and hidden mystery, that attracts bold people, invites them to its interior… Dr. Montague, an expert in occultism, is looking for evidence of paranormal phenomena. To this end, he decides to spend the summer together with three other people in a house on a hill, which is famous for its infamous appearance. A group consisting of a doctor, two women and a young heir to the residence enters into madness....

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Private banking – only for millionaires?

Private banking – only for millionaires? For anyone who thought that the conditions to be met by premium banking customers were high, the table below might turn out to be even more interesting. Private banking is a programme designed for millionaires who do not intend to queue at a bank cashier or advisor at banks’ operating units.Credit again imposes the smallest requirements – it expects at least USD10,000 of monthly income or USD 200,000 of assets accumulated in the bank. However, he is reluctant to share information on how many bank outlets he has designated for his priority clients,...

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