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Neurotransmitters and silhouette effects Part 2 dopamine

Motor control and a good mood are crucial not only for the development of a proportional and muscular body, but also as an aid in maintaining a proper body weight and actual loss of fat. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter of the brain that regulates behaviour, attention and learning. Dopamine controls physical movement, emotional response, and our perception of pleasure and pain. Severe dopamine deficiency is often associated with movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease. Less well known is that even small persistent dopamine deficiencies can have profound effects on motivation and mood. Silhouette benefits with correct dopamine levels. The...

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Meals at work tasty nutritious and lowcalorie

Meals at work – tasty, nutritious and low in calories The food we take with us to work should give us energy for the whole day of struggling with our professional duties. It must be nutritious, ensuring an adequate supply of calories. We also hope that the work breakfast will be tasty and visually attractive. What counts in turn is the convenience and time of preparation, the possibility of trouble-free packaging and transport. Little head! So what to cook and eat at work? For convenience and lack of time Let’s not hide the fact that the most convenient option...

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Learn and look for your first job Learn about the differences between apprenticeships and traineeships

Today, the acquisition of theoretical knowledge about a particular profession is insufficient. Employers primarily require experience and practical skills from candidates. These can be acquired during an apprenticeship or internship, also while still in education. What is the difference between an apprenticeship and a traineeship? This is explained in our guide. Practices: usually “out of duty Apprenticeships are very often a condition for graduating from school or being entitled to take the final examination at university. The young person has to confront the acquired knowledge with the industry realities and get a positive opinion of the employer, i.e. the...

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It is the parrot that must adapt to the human being not the other way round

Many, mostly unjust, myths have grown around the parrots. They are very often accused of being noisy and of possessive. Those interested in buying a parrot may be of the opinion that this is a ready recipe for ruining their lives, because these colourful birds are very insistent and force the permanent presence of the owner. This is a far-reaching overinterpretation. In fact, every parrot can and must be brought up in such a way that it is a companion of man and adapts to the rules of the house. Before you buy, consider the rules you prefer It...

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How to prepare for the correction examination at the course

Well, it happens. Every student can be caught in ignorance during the examination, which of course is tantamount to a negative assessment and a failure to pass. Fortunately, there is still a chance to improve. You will receive it during the correction session. This time, however, you need to be much better prepared not to make any serious problems. In this guide you will find some practical tips. Focus on the issues raised in the first timeframe It’s no secret that examiners love to ask their students about the same thing all the time. Some people simply have their...

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