There is a lot to be earned in the world of computers, the Internet and ubiquitous technology. It cannot be denied that the IT sector is today one of the most promising areas for finding a well-paid job. The demand for computer scientists, programmers and designers will continue to grow, so it is worth trying out a piece of this great cake full of money and possibilities. How do I get down to it? Today’s entry will be devoted to one of the hundreds of branches of the IT industry, which is application development. If you are interested in creating web and mobile applications, I invite you to read!
Is application development difficult?
Let’s start with a question that scrolls literally under every thread about helping those who are looking for their chance in the world of programmers – is it difficult to create applications? The answer is ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Everything depends on your idea and ambition. Earning money from applications does not require any unimaginable knowledge, provided that we create a project that is simple and useful, attractive to the target user. A perfect example of the fact that a simple application can earn a lot of money are such productions as android “2048” or “Flappy Bird”. The number of users who downloaded them reaches millions, and to create them an experienced programmer would need only one day. Simple? Certainly. Effective? As you can see, it is. Anyway, creating simple applications is just the beginning, after all, every program you write is an experience that you can turn into better and more complex projects.
How do I learn how to create applications?
Computer and internet are two tools that can bring you everything in today’s world. Provided you know how to use them. When it comes to the knowledge needed to create an application, you can acquire it in several ways. The first is independent learning, based on free sources. This is not the quickest way to learn, but it guarantees you results. With manuals and free courses on YouTube, you can quickly and easily create new insights into the world of programming. Learning with this method requires self-denial, no one will keep an eye on you, so it is you who are responsible for the progress and projects you have made, and there will be a lot of them if you want to learn to program.
The second method, similar to the first one, is to use a ready-made, complete, but also paid course with e-learning platforms such as Udema. With this type of course, you will learn the content much faster, not least because of the professional translation, videos and specific examples along with the tasks. Additionally, when you buy an office once, you always have access to it, so that you can always return to the issue you are interested in.
The third and perhaps the most interesting option are booths, i.e. several-day training camps focused on intensive learning. This is generally a much more expensive option than the other two, but it is incomparably more effective. In just a week, you can learn about basic coding and programming issues and start writing your first programs right away. Many people who have used bootcamps soon realize their dreams and make changes, which shows that there is nothing difficult for the willing.
How to create mobile applications?
Creating mobile applications means writing applications for one of the two leading mobile systems – Android OS and IOS. Which one you choose is entirely up to you (perhaps both). However, it is worth noting that both systems require different tools to create applications. On android you can write in the Java language, using the development environment Android Studio and on IOS in the SWIFT language, using for example XCode.
How do I create web applications?
An alternative to mobile applications are Internet applications launched via a browser. We use them on a daily basis, paying for online shopping, watching movies online or browsing maps. Many programming languages are used to create this type of applications, but most often we will meet with PHP and JavaScript.
Creating applications for companies
Once you have mastered the basics of programming and completed your portfolio with a few slim projects, you can try remote work in some company or Software Housie. Many companies of this type offer Junior Software Developer jobs. It is worth trying, because nothing teaches as much as actual work. Working in a company has many advantages and apart from courses and experience you get, among other things, the possibility of promotion, which in the IT industry does not have to wait much.
Create applications for free
If you do not have experience in designing and creating applications yet, it is worth trying out a free publishing model. In a nutshell, you create an application and release it for free. Thanks to the fact that the application is free of charge, people reach for it out of curiosity, and you earn money through e.g. advertisements