The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit
It was usual to think that the best PC games always come out in the first half of the year and if we look back, we will see a lot of successful productions, among others “Far Cry 5” “A Way Out”. Frostpunk”, “Forgotton Anne”, “Sea of Thieves”. But if you look at the calendar of upcoming prime ministers, you will find that there are just as many interesting titles ahead of you. I hope your wallets are ready! Here are some of the most interesting PC games you can play this year.
date of release: 26 June 2018

If you like adventure games, especially those in which your choices matter, remember this title. Dontnod Studio will take us back to the universe known as “Life is Strange”, but this time we play the role of a ten-year-old boy who is raised by his father. Chris spends his free time inventing great stories where he pretends to be the title superhero, Captain Spirit. One day he will have to experience an adventure that is not only the product of his imagination.
He takes up an emotional, customary story in warm colours, which will perhaps move as strongly as “Life is Strange”. Remember that the game will be free, so it will be a sin to skip this release!
Therew 2
Date of release: 29 June 2018

The second part of Ubisoftu’s race should correct all the imperfections of the first part. After all, vehicles of all types will be handed over to us. We will burn the rubber on the motorcycles, ascend into the sky with planes, go on quads and cut the water surface with motorbikes or hovercraft. The game looks great visually – the U.S. is a great place for eyes, and the trails are full of obstacles and dynamic effects. I’m sure I won’t forgive myself “The Blood 2”.
Warhammer 40,000: Gladius – Relics of War
Date of premiere: 12 July 2018
Are there fans of Warhammer here? Although strategic games are now a niche, from time to time they still produce for fans of war and economic tactics. The new game from Proxy Studios is a classic turn-based strategy of the 4X genre. The player controls one of the four factions that fight for control of the planet Gladius Prime. Each partisan has a unique feature track and special missions. In addition to the campaign, a multiplayer mode will be available for a single player.
Banner Saga 3
Date of release: 24 July 2018
The last part of the trilogy about the travels of the Vikings trying to survive the approaching end of the world. An increasingly rare combination of turn-based strategy and RPG in a beautiful, hand-drawn visual setting. It is worth noting that the third part of the game was created thanks to the fans who raised 400 thousand dollars on Kickstarter – twice as much as the minimum goal.
PC Building Simulator
Date of premiere: July 2018
Well, it will certainly not be a hit this year, but I decided to put this game in the table as a curiosity. Simulators of all ointments have enjoyed considerable interest in recent years. After the badger simulator, slices of bread, goat and work, it was time for a desktop folding simulator, anyway. Is it possible for each of you to assemble your computer from scratch? Do you know how to turn on your graphics card? Test your skills without worrying about destroying components worth several thousand dollars.
Yakuza 0
Date of premiere: 1 August 2018
For the first time, SEGA decided to port its flagship ganster sandbox to PC. More than three years after release on PS3 consoles, “Yakuza 0” will become available for PC users. This is the prequel of the whole cycle, which was set up in 1988. The player directs the fate of Kazuma Kiryu, a young gangster who takes his first steps in a dangerous world. In addition to numerous feature missions, the game also includes side tasks in an atmosphere of Asian action cinema.
We Happy Few
premiere date: 10 August 2018
Imagine an alternative, retrofuturistic England of the 1960s, where all residents live in constant happiness resulting from the use of hallucinogenic drugs and Uncle Jack’s propaganda. If you like dystopian visions like Orwell or Huxley, you have to pass this title. “We Happy Few” is characterized by a procedurally generated world, which changes with each game. The player’s task will be to survive and hide his otherness among this psychedelia, i.e. to behave according to the rules adopted by the community. It’s a very climatic survival.