A ferrata accident – that can happen! Anyone who chooses via ferrata wants to experience a unique adventure and to face the difficulties of rocks or mountains. Every trip, every climb is great until something unpredictable happens.
We rarely think about it, but a small slip, a moving step, a falling stone or a breakdown in the weather can have disastrous consequences. You have to be prepared for everything. A few tips can improve the comfort of walking on ferrides and ensure a safe return home.
Remember to have a ferrata before you go via ferrata:
Do not enter via ferrata alone
Tell someone about your plans and the approximate time of your return.
Check the weather forecast
Take your fully charged mobile phone and spare batteries or Power Bank with you.
Record the emergency numbers of your local emergency service
What can happen on ferrata – threats
overestimating one’s own strength (too difficult a ferrata) and vice versa
Lack of water or food and weakness of the body
Weather breakdown
Cracks, cuts caused by protruding steel bars
Stone impact
Fall on the traverse
Vertical waste
Accident of a partner or current holiday makers
Small hardware items that can be used on via ferrata
Front flashlight
Ferrite gloves
2-3 climbing loops of different lengths (60, 90, 120 cm)
Additional climbing machine
Additional screw-on HMS climbing rifle
2 loops made of climbing rope 5-6 mm in diameter
Take your first aid kit
You will find the basic equipment of the pharmacy and the basic principles of first aid in this article: CLICK. Tips can be used in the mountains and in everyday life J At the end of the article is a free check list to download.
What is worth knowing is authoritarianism:
Self-propelled rope exit with self-locking knots
Rope protection and partner evacuation
Straight cable winches
Basic pre-medical assistance
Live cycle via ferrata
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