For any fresh log house, the first winter is the decisive one:
I wrote about the heating of our log house in the previous post. Click HERE
There is another issue: the state of the logs
profiled (rectangular) logs,
for spruces,
24 cm,
dried in a drying room,
combined with 3 own pens.
The walls of the house are not insulated.
Exterior logs:
Logs inside the house:
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After the first season we know more or less whether the house is warm or not, and there are signs that the house is settling down. Any cracks in the logs will also occur this first winter, when it is cold outside and warm inside and dry inside, and even after the first winter, it is good to have a professional inspection of your home.As a reminder: My house is built of what logs and how I had the choice of building HERE I wrote In this fasting I will not be particularly written because we have no objections to the condition of the logs in our house on the ground…With the exception of a few small cracks, logs look basically the same as immediately after the building of the house that is 10 months ago. I was prepared for it, because since the house was made of logs … There were a few crackling sounds, maybe those heard from the 7th since we lived … Cracks in the logs were small.. Below are photos of the condition of the logs from yesterday. I leave you to judge 🙂 About how and when the construction of my house was made you can read HEREBY In the bed about the construction you can compare how logs looked like a year ago. If you have questions, write to me directly 🙂 karolina.nozka@gmail.comJeżeli you want to be informed about the next bed, I encourage you to BLUE BLOWEARD.