Welcome after a long break, some of my duties and nights are mainly to promote the sites and prepare publications from the last trips but I’m already 😉
Today I would like to write about gaining readers, interest in their content which I am presenting here, not since today it is known that mainly interest arouses interesting topics, competitions and the like.
Promoting a website is tedious and hard work if we do it ourselves, but if we want to reduce costs and also have an impact on running the website it is best to do it ourselves, there are companies that will take care of promoting the website, running the website but I personally do not trust these companies too much to entrust them with their accounts e.g. on Facebook or blogger, minus this action is a bit longer it takes but the results are already visible, it has taken me about 5 years but it has paid off, now I have more time for this type of action.
Today I would like to promote the website through competitions which usually have a significant impact on the promotion.
In the case of a page with a photo which I lead the main prize in the competition can be a discount on the session and a free session, and if we add to the whole e.g. a cup with a logo or how the winner will choose a photo from the session with a mug or a T-shirt recently more and more fashionable or not it would be a good advertisement, especially that there is also a print on both sides of the front we give a print from the session (photo) and on the back of the internet address of the photographer or your website which you want to promote? doesn’t sound great?
The proposal comes from :
I’ve already organized several competitions so I could try them out… A cup of poetry 😉
Great printing, very good, intuitive design program without any clippings or bugs so that the design goes very smoothly, you can say the cup like a mug, but here mainly I have to say the most about the printing quality that stands at a high level, the mug guests in my room have already been washing for several months, several times washed everything at different temperatures holds perfectly, nothing gets scratched, nothing faded… Great quality!
The design itself, as I mentioned, is clear and pleasant and simple.
Apart from competitions, such advertising accessories are a very good advertisement for the future for not too much money, and we know that in the case of photographers free sessions are slowly bored and fans demand something more, anyway here is also important who organises them and what photographs someone takes, but this is a topic for another post.
I will add that the best idea for T-shirts in the case of competitions would be neutral, i.e. not with the logo of a photographer, but for example funny, interesting quotes, etc., but this is only my opinion that does not change the fact that you can prepare for yourself with such or for clients such as wedding or individual sessions as GRATIS.
You can buy T-shirts for
and your own design for
Have fun, invent your own style…
In the next blog/page promotion entry, I will write more about online promotion, positioning, etc.