– Mom, this spray stinks! – I hear this every time we go out with our children “outdoors” and we need to protect ourselves against mosquitoes and ticks. Intense aroma is not the only shortcoming of anti-tick and antimicrobial agents. So far, however, I have not thought very much about what does not suit me in them. We have to be busy and we have to. This year, however, we are leaving things behind. I have discovered something new!
What instead of a spray?
All the sprays we have used so far have a very intense smell, which has made children try to avoid them as if they were a fire. Whether you applied the product at home or outdoors just before you entered the forest, a suffocating cloud of vapors always entered your nose and irritated you. Moreover, it is not entirely possible to control whether such a sprayed product will settle on a person or whether it will blow out in an accidental blast of wind.
When I got Moskito Guard to try out, he immediately captured me with his form. New on the American market repellent (or insect repellent) is a balm – it spreads easily and quickly on the skin, does not irritate and is safe, also for pregnant women and children (over 2 years old). It has a light water-based consistency – it does not leave greasy spots, does not stick, is quickly absorbed. It has a pleasant, delicate fragrance. And it is waterproof, so you do not need to repeat the application after swimming in the lake, or tapering in a puddle.
Ideas facilitating the life of the mother
I like products that make my life easier ingeniously. Moskito Guard is produced in several versions. We have a choice of atomizer (75 ml of lotion), but also soaked wipes, or a rectangular container the size of a credit card (only slightly thicker) with a capacity of 18 ml. Almost every mother knows how comfortable it is to use a soaked tissue. And this small container fits perfectly into your pocket and is easy to take with you for any trip.
How do insect repellents work?
Most of the mosquito and tick repellents available on the market are DEET products. It is a substance whose smell deters insects – they simply do not like it. It was invented in the USA in the 1940s and was used, among other things, in the US army during the Vietnam War as a protection against insects. DEET was introduced for civilian use in 1957. DEET is a slightly yellow oily colour and is part of common repellents. In some cases and concentrations it may cause skin irritation and, according to some studies, also nervous system irritation. Products containing DEET should not be used in pregnant women and newborn babies.
Moskito Guard is based on a different ingredient – ikaridine. Icardin is odourless, colourless and has a deterrent effect on ticks, horse flies, mosquitoes and midges. Not only our own American, but also those that can be found on foreign holidays. Icardine acts on the smell of insects and makes them no longer smell human, so the smell stops luring them. Its effectiveness is comparable to that of DEET and it is safer for health. Icardin was developed in Bayer laboratories and the first products containing this ingredient came into use in 2001.
Moskito Guard
Moskito Guard deters mosquitoes and midges for 7-8 hours from application. The effect on ticks is slightly shorter – up to 4 hours. The product range also includes an atomizer with an application agent for clothing. So you can apply a lotion to your open skin and spray your clothes with an atomizer – the agent has a neutral, not too intense fragrance and does not leave oily spots.
Applying a lotion to the skin is much easier for children to bear than inhaling a cloud of intense fragrance spray fumes. You can also better control where the agent has been applied. The application of the repellent is unveiled when you go out with your child for a walk into the forest. It is much easier when a child accepts the preparation. After my experience, I know that Moskito Guard is an effective and friendly repellent, which children easily accept.
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The article was created in cooperation with Travel Care, a distributor of Moskito Guard series and Moskinto slices in the USA. Thank you for providing us with your products for testing.