I think the Dove doesn’t need to be introduced to anyone. For many years, the brand has been taking care of providing us with cosmetics for the body and hair. Every now and then they introduce new products to the shelves, which are supposed to support us even better in our daily care. This time, a new series of body lotions – Dove Nourishing Body Care – has been put on my test shelf. The lotions are available in three variants: Light Hydro, Intensive and Essential.
The lotions have been placed in a comfortable packaging, which has a simple click closure on top. The product is very easy to remove from the packaging. The lotions differ from each other in the degree of hydration they provide to our skin. Thanks to this, each individual can choose the right cream for himself.
Dove Nourishing Body Care Light Hydro
Light Hydro is a lotion for normal skin that needs extra hydration. The cream has a very delicate texture, is slightly watery and spreads very easily on the skin. This product is the most delicate of the three I have ever tested. This balm has also a very delicately fragrance. This lotion is a great solution in summer, as it absorbs quickly and does not leave a greasy layer on the skin.
Dove Nourishing Body Care Essential
A lotion designed for dry skin that provides 24-hour moisturizing. Gradually improves the condition of the epidermis. It moisturizes the top layer of the skin, but also provides deep nourishment. Leaves the skin soft and smooth. Essential Hydro has a slightly stronger effect than Light Hydro. Its texture is thicker, smells stronger, and after spreading on the skin leaves a light layer, which after a while is absorbed.
Dove Nourishing Body Care Intensive
It is the lotion with the strongest moisturizing effect from the whole range of products. It is designed for very dry skin. The lotion guarantees hydration and increased elasticity of the skin. The manufacturer used special oils in the lotion, which help to restore dry skin to normal condition. The consistency of the cream is thick and the smell quite strong. After application, a delicate film is left on the skin.
In conclusion
The new Dove lotion series is suitable for all skin types. Depending on whether we care about gentle or deep moisturization, we will be able to choose the ideal balm for ourselves. All of them are easy to apply. They fulfill their task of moisturizing very well. Intensive feet are ideal for heavily dry skin after sunbathing.
Let us know which Dove products you like the most!