Holidays have finally begun! I waited all year round for this moment and carefully planned my vacation – including what to take on holiday. This allowed me to create a mini list of MUST HAVE things, which should be in my suitcase every year. I hope that it will also be useful for those of you who are soon going on a journey and who want to be sure that they will take all the necessary things with them.
What should I take on holiday? High sunscreen
Masuria, mountains, Canary Islands or exotic Maldives – regardless of the chosen tourist destination, your suitcases should contain cosmetics with high sunscreen, i.e. 30 or even 50 SPF. Contrary to appearances, MUST HAVE is not obligatory only for sensitisers or people with naturally very bright complexions, but for all those who have in front of them the first real “clash” with intense sunlight. I sunbathe for the first 2-3 days with 50 on my face and 30 on my whole body, although my complexion is not the brightest. Then I gradually descend to the lower filters when I feel that my skin has become accustomed to the sun. I have long decided that it is better to sunbathe slower than to lose a few more days of holiday due to burns on the skin. Is this a way of getting rid of the possibility of achieving a brown tan? On the contrary! It is not only brown, but above all healthy!
What to pack for your holiday? Cosmetics with UV filter for hair!
I must admit that in recent years I have paid much more attention to the proper protection of the sun’s skin, completely forgetting that the sun has an equally negative effect on the condition of my hair. The result was dry, brittle, colourless and vitalizing hair, which I couldn’t keep tidy for a long time after returning home. This year I decided to prevent it by packing in my suitcase a set of Seboradin Sun cosmetics – shampoo, mask and hair mist. These were basically the only hair cosmetics I took with me, and after a while I found out that it was the set I needed as much as possible. Shampoo with bamboo extract, macadamia oil and kernel oil very effectively cleansed my hair of sea salt, chlorine and sweat, and additionally regenerated and strengthened the scalp exposed to the adverse effects of sunlight. The mask with carrot oil, macadamia oil and coconut milk intensively moisturized and smoothed hair, preventing hair brittleness and loss of colour. However, an absolute hit and my unquestionable favorite in this group is the mist with UV filters enriched with artichoke and amaranth extracts, which I applied very regularly directly during sun exposure. It gave me the feeling that my hair was well protected from the drying and damaging effects of the sun during sunbathing and sunbathing. I will take Seboradin Sun hair cosmetics with me on every long journey, and I encourage you to do so as well. Especially that their price is really attractive – the whole set of Seboradin Sun cosmetics you can buy at the moment for 23.99 USD! (link here)
What to take for a trip? Multifunctional scarf or pareo (sarong)
What I can no longer imagine of any holiday trip is pareo, a multifunctional scarf that can replace us with a beach dress, skirt, headgear, scarf or even upstairs from the costume, although I must admit that I have not tried this option yet ? This year I decided to put on an incredible pareo, because it was made by hand in Bali craftsmen. What is so special about it? First of all, the material is light, airy, well absorbing sweat and water. During use, I feel that we are wearing a high quality fabric which, in my opinion, not only prevents sweating, but also gently cools the skin! I discovered this property when, in order to hide from the strong sun, I covered the pareo with practically the entire surface of my body. This material is really pleasant to wear and works well on the beach, in the pool or simply during hot summers much better than ordinary clothes. Well, I will say more, neither my earlier pareo nor the beach dresses I bought from the Senegalese retailers were as breathable and pleasing to the body as sarong from Bali.
On the page from which my headscarf comes, there is information that the fabric does not stain – indeed, despite the use of a huge amount of creams and oils for sunbathing, I did not notice ugly and greasy stains. What is also important, sarong has not lost its properties and intense colors after washing, so I believe that it will serve me a few good years. I chose the pareo myself in blue hibiscus flowers, but you will find several dozen different patterns of the Bali headscarf – it’s really hard to decide on one theme! If you do not have this type of holiday wardrobe yet, you definitely have to have one. The wide range of possible uses of pareo and their