Many myths have grown around whether coloured hair can be oiled. I guess many people would finally like to know if the strands after colouring them like oils. Contrary to appearances, it is a fairly selected pair!
Apparently, the hair is smoother, fuller in radiance and softer after colouring. In fact, they need to be given a little more time in their daily care because it is difficult to keep them moist, they tend to split and brittle, very quickly become dull and lose their natural shine, and they also fall out more often due to weak bulbs.
Coloured hair care should be intensive and gentle at the same time. That’s why oiling your hair is a very good solution, because the oils are natural, safe and tailored to our needs. How do I take care of my hair after colouring it with oil?
Oiling your hair before colouring it
If you’re planning on colouring your hair in advance, it’s a good idea to consciously use hair oils. When used regularly, it will effectively strengthen your hair and protect it from damage. This is a simple way to prepare your hair for the stress of colouring it. How do I start oiling my hair early before colouring it? It is best to use oils all the time, and it is advisable to introduce them at least one month before the coloration procedure.
Hair dyeing with oil is quite popular recently. This is an express version of strengthening your hair and providing protection to your hair. Cover your hair with a minimum of oil 2-3 hours before colouring. Saving is advisable because the oil dripping from your hair makes colouring more difficult. After all, oiling is only supposed to make hair less dry after colouring, the scalp does not get irritated and hair loss is reduced.
Hair oiling immediately after colouring
Fans of oiling their hair don’t have to give it up after colouring their hair. Colouring is not an obstacle. However, you should stop oiling your hair for about a week after you change your hair colour. Why? Oils can both prolong the color fastness and shorten it. Especially the penetrating ones, which simply penetrate the inside of the hair, pushing out the dye.
Oiling hair after colouring
Avoid oils that can contribute to faster colour fading, such as coconut oil, cocoa oil or palm oil. Hair after colouring does not necessarily feel good after applying butter, because its structure is weakened and it needs oils with larger particles to seal the hair and prevent it from rinsing out. High-polyester hair oils are ideal in this case, as they are used regularly: