The feeling of wobbly furniture is a familiar one, making everyday life less comfortable. The answer to this annoyance is furniture legs. They are a fundamental pillar of every piece of standing furniture such as a table, a table but also some chairs, chests of drawers or pouffes. This element is underestimated by many but, as we all know, the devil is in the detail.

Construction and types of furniture legs

There are many different furniture feet on the market. Some of them include metal alloys such as zinc or aluminium. Their disadvantage is that they can be mechanically damaged. However, they are very light and handy. Their opposite are steel legs – heavier, more durable, intended for special tasks, such as supporting very heavy weights. You can also find legs composed of plastic, with characteristics similar to the former.

Apart from the material they are made of, they also differ in their ability to be adjusted. It is worth paying attention to this when selecting and purchasing this accessory. If you are sure that the piece of furniture will not be moved or changed, you can choose feet without regulation. However, in a situation where a renovation or change in the arrangement of furniture may occur in the future, it is worth using furniture legs with the possibility of adjusting their height.

Appearance also matters

When choosing furniture legs, take into account the colour of the furniture to which they will fit. Otherwise the elements may be unsightly, conspicuous and offensive to household members. It is also possible to pay attention to the arrangement of the interior by matching the discussed assortment to it. There are many options, but the most important thing is to maintain balance and harmony.


In addition to being accessories themselves, furniture feet also have their own helpers. These are felt pads, thanks to which we do not scratch the floor, the furniture itself or our ears when moving the furniture. The type of pad material is also important – especially when dealing with wooden floors. There are self-adhesive special pads that provide a high level of comfort.

In the assortment, don’t forget the screws that allow you to fix the feet to a suitable surface. It is true that you can use threads or dowels, but they are not as stable as screws, which can cause the whole structure to wobble or even break the whole furniture leg.