Looking for a new smartphone and not knowing what to choose? New Apple Product? Flagship Samsung? Or maybe a phone that deserves to be called the most undervalued smartphone in 2017 and is 1000USD cheaper than its competitors? Check out our overview.
iPhone X
The presence of this phone in the list is not surprising. The entire front of the phone is a Super Retina display, which impresses with its color reproduction. The new colour filter and Optical Image Stabilisation System (OIS) make iPhone X’s main camera unrivalled. Resistance to water and dust, as well as incredible performance are other great advantages. The argument for purchasing this model may also be the Apple brand itself – a company that has been setting standards in the smartphone market for many years. The most important disadvantage is the price, which can deter many customers: 5000 USD is a lot even for a top-of-the-range smartphone.
Samsung Galaxy S9
The new flagship Samsung has everything a phone should have. With an Exynos 9810 processor and 6GB of RAM, it’s incredibly powerful. With its 6.2″ (1440×2960) AMOLED display it impresses with its image quality. Thanks to its modern construction and durability, it is a modern and practical phone. With its dual SIM function, it solves many of the problems of people who use two phones on a daily basis. The only problem is that it is an expensive device. Maybe not as much as iPhone X, but in the case of the latter we buy an almost cult phone, the advantages of which are not limited only to technical capabilities.
LG V30
The LG phone was not included in this list by chance. The 6-inch P-OLED panel is perfect as a display, while the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and 4GB RAM chip ensure very fast operation. The reviewers also pay attention to the excellent sound quality. You may also like the phone’s casing, which gives the impression of being solid and well thought out. That’s why the LG V30 is sometimes called the most undervalued 2017 phone. Price: approx. 2600 USD. This is a significant saving compared to competing models.
All the smartphones presented above boast very good parameters. iPhone X was the noisiest premiere of 2017 regardless of what the supporters of Android phones say about it. However, the latest Apple product is not really a leader in some of the criteria. Its disadvantage is also a relatively high price. When you buy a phone from iOS, you’re guaranteed system stability, and you buy a smartphone icon, a product from the company that launched the revolution in the market. It is an added value which is difficult to describe with specific parameters and its charm cannot be overestimated. Nevertheless, Samsung is a sensible choice for the household budget, and by choosing LG you can save another 1000 USD.