Welcome, today I would like to invite you to test the service:
Now something about the website is an online service for Poles who want to help local Polish business in the production of better products and services. We will be remunerated for the time we spend filling in the questionnaires. We belong to a group that is based in Stockholm, Sweden, but has offices all over the world.
(home page of service)
On the homepage it is worth to look at the “Payment” tab where you can find a detailed survey price list.
(Our account after logging in)
After logging in, our account looks the same as in other cint-u services.
(Our profile)
Here, too, the most important thing I have always mentioned is that we HAVE AGREED on a PROFILE.
I am waiting for your opinions about this service (about surveys and ordered withdrawals), of course when I order a withdrawal I will know 🙂
Why should I test it? This is because I haven’t yet ordered a payout from them (I haven’t collected the minimum amount to be paid). I think that together we will be able to test this service faster and check its solvency. In the near future I will be adding more services for testing 🙂